Licensing Representation - Your property, our experience. We offer a complete package including developing and implementing a concise licensing program. Sales, management, contract negotiations and product development. We have a variety of plans including fee based or commission only.

Contract Negotiation: - You've done the work, found the deal, and need to have it put on paper. New, renew, major changes. Our experience and market knowledge will dot the i"s and cross the t's. This work can be done on a fee or hourly basis.

Rights Acquisitions: - Are you looking for a specific type of property to license. We can analyze the market place as it relates to your needs or represent you in acquiring the license you desire. Fee or hourly.


Consulting Contact us to discuss  what you want to achieve. We can then help you with anything from  customizing a streamlined, professional in house licensing department to acquiring the rights to properties that will benefit your business plans.We are on your side. Designing a program, developing a plan or just filling in the holes. Tell us what you want and we will give you a quote.

Building a Licensing Program - Are you interested in taking your licensing program in house. We will assist you in building that business and marketing plan. Writing the basic contracts and even hiring and/ or training your staff. Tell us what you want to do and we will provide you with a variety of plans to choose from.

Property Evaluation - Is your property, brand or idea ready to be licensed? We will be happy to evaluate your property for you. And at no cost to you. Free