Frequently Asked


Why license?

There are several reasons to license your property. But before we go there lets define "property".  For our purposes here, "property" shall mean your name, logo, brand, art work, characters, book or video.

Some of the reasons for licensing your property include; building the brand, creating awareness, advertising and making added income.

 Can I do it myself?

Yes you can. If you have the time and desire to learn all that licensing entails, the presentation, the background of potential licensees, contracts, etc. If you have the time and recources required, yes you can do it. However, licensing is not a game. If you make mistakes, you can ruin your licnesing program. If you do plan to do it yourself at least get the services of a professional to assit you in designing a plan and setting direction.

What should I expect to pay an agent?

A difficult question to answer. No two properties are the same and there are several configurations of services provided. Do you want the agent to do everything and pay for his service himself/herself. In that case, where you are going to pay for income earned, you can expect to pay for 25% to 50%. If you are planning on contributing to the cost of marketing the licensing program, you can expect to pay less.

 How do I protect my property from being copied?

The question I get the most. In some situations you will be able to protect your property with copyrights, or trademarks, or patents of one kind or another. Just remember that no one spends the money to knock-off something that is not successful.

Is there a downside to licensing?

There can be. Licensing your property too early in its development, or to the wrong type of company, or for the wrong product can all hurt your long term goals.